«Let’s go!»: the start of the admission campaign at KBSU

Release date: 21.06.2022

June 20, 2022 Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov hospitably opened the doors for applicants — the admission campaign has started. Additional budget places allocated “This year, the university plans to recruit students for 2,525 budget places, of which 2,410 were allocated in 2021.

In accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 15, 2022, the founder of the university — the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation — provided our university with 115 additional budget places in various areas of training in master’s programs that correspond to the priority areas of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, — commented the head of the department Timur Tabishev on organization of reception of KBSU. — We plan to recruit approximately the same number of students on a «contract» basis — under contracts for the provision of paid educational services. The specified volumes of admission figures refer to all levels of vocational education — secondary vocational education, higher education (bachelor’s degree, specialist’s degree, master’s degree, postgraduate study and residency). KBSU implements a wide range of educational programs, where everyone will find the direction of training to their liking.” It is planned to receive about a thousand people from outside the KBR. More than 16,000 students, graduate students, residents study at KBSU. More than 10% of students are foreigners, about 15% are residents of other subjects of the Russian Federation. At the meeting of the Academic Council of the KBSU, held on June 20, acting.

KBSU Rector Yuri Altudov said that it is planned to enroll 560 citizens of foreign countries, as well as about 500 residents of other regions of our country, for the first year. On the features of the admission campaign — 2022 Timur Tabishev, Head of the admissions organization of the KBSU, spoke about some features of the admission campaign in 2022: “According to the admission rules in 2022, there are three formats for submitting documents. The first is in person, when the applicant comes directly to the KBSU admissions office, located in the main building of KBSU.

Documents can be submitted electronically in two ways. One of them is through the portal of public services, the super service «Admission to the University Online», where our university has been accepting applications from our applicants since 2021. Another direction is through the personal account of the applicant, which is located on the official website of the admission committee of KBSU https://pk.kbsu.ru (here you can also submit your application and the documents attached to it). The third format is the submission of documents through public postal operators (Russian Post JSC, etc.). But here it must be taken into account that the documents that the applicant sends to the admission committee of KBSU must arrive before the deadline for submitting documents, which are established by the admission rules for 2022. Superservice «Admission to a university online» — a convenient way to submit documents Speaking about the main differences between the current admission campaign and admission in 2021, Timur Tabishev, head of the KBSU department for organizing admissions, noted a change in the functionality of the portal of public services through the superservice «Admission to a university online». If before applicants could apply only for full-time education and only for the budget, then in 2022 such a convenient form for submitting documents is also available to applicants who wish to study on a part-time or part-time basis, who want to enroll in places under contracts for the provision of paid educational services, according to a special quota, according to a target quota, etc. The second significant innovation was the introduction of a special quota: 10% of the total amount of budget places allocated for the direction of training and specialty, which was introduced by a special order of the Government of the Russian Federation for children of military personnel who took or are taking part in a special military operation in the territories of the LPR, DPR and Ukraine.

Here the category of applicants is divided into two parts. The children of dead servicemen have the right to enter without entrance examinations, the children of servicemen who are (passed) serving, take entrance examinations at the university and participate in the competition for admission under a special quota. Original — at the time of enrollment in state-funded places Another nuance, as a difference from last year, is the obligatory presence of the original document on education and (or) qualifications in the admission committee of KBSU at the time of enrollment in state-funded places. That is, in order for a person participating in the competition for state-funded places to be included in the order for admission to our university, it is necessary that his original document on education and (or) qualifications be in the admission committee of KBSU in the personal file of this applicant.