International Activity

Release date: 14.06.2018

International activity is one of the most important activities of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov. The internationalization of education and the search for new forms of international cooperation is a priority for the development of KBSU international activity. Besides, great attention is paid to the promotion of KBSU in the global information space as a modern educational, scientific and cultural center, capable to prepare competitive specialists in the labor market in demand.

Иностранные студенты познают красоты Кавказа

The primary task in the sphere of international activities of the university is the search for foreign partners for the organization of mutually beneficial international cooperation.  As a result of work with this firm, KBSU in 2017 received 234 Indian citizens.

In addition, the company is actively cooperating with Philadelphia Center for Educational Services (Jordan), due to the contract signed in 2016. As a result of work with the company, 53 citizens of Jordan entered the KBSU, including 3 people — under the programs of improving the professional skills and the program of professional retraining.

At the moment, KBSU is holding the negotiations with the state and other structures of different countries, which are interested in cooperation with our university in the scientific and educational sphere.

The main directions of the international activity of KBSU are:

— creation of foreign training and consulting centers

— organizing the federal and regional experimental site for the development of export of educational services on the basis of KBSU

— establishment of scientific and business contacts

— joint scientific research

— expansion and activation of works on the participation of the University in scientific programs and grants competitions, including those funded at the regional, federal and international levels

— further development of the system of training specialists for foreign countries both on the state budget and on a compensation basis

— interaction with the Office of International Education and Cooperation, with the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in the field of international activities

— cooperation with both foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations accredited in Russia, as well as with the embassies of the Russian Federation in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, and Korea

— organization of joint training of specialists with foreign universities

— development of inclusive education

The organizational structure of the international activities of KBSU includes the following:

— Institute for work with foreign students

— department of Russian language for foreign students

— preparatory department

— interregional center for international cooperation

— International Chair of UNESCO «Education and training in the spirit of a culture of peace and human rights»

Taking into account the tasks set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the sphere of recognition of Russian diplomas abroad, the Kabardino-Balkarian State University, along with participation in collective search for ways to solve these problems, made attempts to directly enter the foreign educational structures and hold presentations educational programs.

The UNESCO Chair has carried out a number of activities in the public, educational and research fields, including large-scale festivals of student youth in the North Caucasus, the organization of several international and national conferences, the introduction of a university curriculum on a culture of peace and human rights, the development of a program of actions to build attitudes of tolerant consciousness and the prevention of extremism in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

Every year during the holidays the university receives student delegations from different countries. KBSU was visited by student delegations from the United States, South Korea, Jordan and Syria. Through the exchange of students, 10-12 students are trained in Germany every year, in the summer camps in the US and Germany, up to 15-25 students work.

An important link in the international activity of the university is the training of foreign specialists. The Kabardino-Balkarian State University has extensive experience in training specialists for foreign countries.

In 2009, 404 foreign citizens were trained on a contract basis with firms and individuals.

The dynamics of the contingent of students and post-graduates testifies to the increased authority of KBSU in the international market of educational services, which is due to the successful employment of our graduates in their homeland. Graduates of our university become patriots of their educational institution, adequately represent it in their homeland and send their relatives, children and acquaintances to study, creating a good advertisement for the university. The geography of the countries, whose representatives are trained in KBSU, has expanded. Representatives of South Korea, Israel, Palestine, the United States, Great Britain, Holland, Finland, Romania, as well as Turkmenistan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia were added to the countries of the Middle East in which the Circassian diasporas live and from where the children of our compatriots traditionally come.

Of great importance in the development of academic mobility of students and graduate students is the introduction of an appendix to a European diploma (Diploma Supplement). It was developed and recommended by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

By the decision of the Academic Council of KBSU since 2006, all graduates in all the areas of training for Higher Professional Education are given an Appendix to the European-style diploma.

Kabardino-Balkarian State University maintains scientific, educational and business contacts with 40 foreign universities, research centers and firms of various countries, with 20 of which actively implement bilateral agreements on cooperation in the scientific and educational sphere.

Иностранные студенты познают красоты Кавказа

Cooperation has been established with the American Civil Research Foundation. Together with the Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a laboratory was opened.

Important agreements have been concluded with the Department of Land Resources and Surveys of the territory of the State University of Udina (Italy), the State University of Abkhazia, the University of Toulon (France), the University of Vergata (Italy), the Second University of Naples (Italy) , there is an agreement with the Heavy Ion Research Institute (Demarstadt, Germany), a partnership agreement was signed with the Humanitarian Aid Bielefeld (Germany).

The mentioned agreements provide for the development and implementation of joint fundamental and applied research projects, the mutual exchange of scientific information, educational and scientific programs, joint scientific publications, participation in programs for the scientific exchange of staff and teachers for joint research and training, participation in programs scientific internships for students, graduate students and young scientists, joint participation in the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research Projects supported by national and international funds (grants), training of highly qualified scientific and teaching staff through postgraduate and doctoral studies, joint scientific conferences, symposia, seminars, participation in teacher development programs, etc.

Intensive work is under way to establish cooperation with foreign scientific and educational centers: the University of California, Los Angeles, the National Institute (Mexico City), the State University of. Makhtumkuli (Ashgabat), the Institute of Natural Materials (Poznan). There are interesting proposals in the work. Thus, the Institute for Heavy Ion Research (Darmstadt, Germany) is ready to receive graduates of the faculty of microelectronics and computer technology for postgraduate education and to guide their qualification work.

The work on the opening of the Center of Circassian languages ​​and culture under the Circassian Charitable Society (Jordan) is being conducted. It is planned to organize the training of the Adyghe and Russian languages ​​with the issuance of joint certificates. In the implementation of these activities, it is extremely important to work to strengthen the role of the Russian language in the Middle East, expand the export of educational services and further develop the mobility of both students and teachers. The university also participates in the work of the International Center for the Study of Languages ​​of Indigenous Peoples in different regions of the world in the section «Caucasian Languages» (Granada University). A series of materials has been published under this program, work is under way to compile multilingual dictionaries.

Иностранные студенты познают красоты Кавказа

Integration of KBSU into the international scientific and educational space also provides for the expansion of cooperation in the field of education and science: the Fulbright Foundation, the Mask Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Cornegie Foundation, etc. Cooperation with these services solves to a certain extent the problems of the development of academic mobility. Thus, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Fulbright Foundation in Kabardino-Balkar State University presented their programs. Ph.D. Fulbright Foundation trainees KSU graduate students.

It is extremely important to actively participate our students in the All-Russian open competition for a scholarship to the President of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the Presidential program in 2009 2 postgraduate students and 1 teacher of KBSU were trained.

The development of academic mobility was facilitated by the cooperation of KBSU with many foreign scientific and educational centers with the invitation of well-known scientists for lecturing, organizing internships for both students and teachers. Lectures and practical classes were conducted by scientists from the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Jordan and Syria.

Business contacts with foreign partners provided an opportunity for internships, postgraduate education and scientific work abroad for teachers and students.

Participation in international competitions, olympiads and conferences allowed students and postgraduates to improve their qualifications, pass language courses and participate in international scientific research in Spain, the USA, Germany, France, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Japan and Denmark.

In 2006, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Kabardino-Balkarian State University and the Institute for the Study and Support of Regional Transnational Cultural Processes (Austria), which provides for large-scale cooperation in the organization of scientific conferences, exchange of students with the award of a diploma, the implementation of a number of projects within the European Union budget from 2007 to 2013 years.


The extremely important aspects of academic mobility include the participation of teaching and student staff in international scientific conferences, symposia, schools.

In recent years KBSU has conducted 39 International conferences, symposiums and seminars; in 2009, the University held 15 international conferences, in which 1,650 scientists from Russia and foreign countries took part.

The II International Conference «Innovations in Modern Medicine», organized in September 2009, organized jointly with the University Clinic of Erlangen (Germany) and ARAMBED Europa, which has become traditional, is of constant interest. Its participants were scientists from Germany, the USA Turkey, Syria, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, KBSU and universities of the Russian Federation. The proceedings of the conference have been published.

During the conference, it was possible to communicate on-line with colleagues from Germany, as well as observe the progress of a high-tech cardiological operation conducted in a German clinic.

KBSU staff also took part in international conferences in Germany, Jordan, Turkey, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Moscow and other Russian cities.

Teachers, aspirates and magistrates of KBSU have published 460 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings published in the USA, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Jordan, Austria, Poland.

The scientific and practical seminar held at KBSU with the participation of the representatives of the South Ural, South-Russian, Novosibirsk, Moscow State Humanitarian, Moscow Medico-Stomatological, Adyghe, Stavropol, Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Kuban Technical, Kabardino-Balkarian Universities is extremely important, National Training Foundation, center «Internauka», Kabardino-Balkarian Agricultural Academy, which discussed the draft program of activities for the real strategy and export of educational services of the Russian Federation.

This year, the Kabardino-Balkarian State University hosted the opening of the scientific and methodological festival «Window to Germany: Education, Language, Culture, Economics». Within the framework of the festival, the prospects of Russian-German cooperation were discussed, a presentation of educational programs of Germany and the European Union was held, participation in which can be taken by students of KBSU.

In addition to these articles, our employees published monographic works.

In raising the academic mobility of university staff, the participation of faculty in the work of major international educational and scientific programs plays an important role.

In 2009, work continued on a cooperation agreement with the Institute for the Study and Support of Regional and Transnational Cultural Processes (Austria), with joint scientific conferences, the exchange of staff and teachers, and the implementation of a number of scientific studies funded by the European Union until 2013.

In KBSU within the framework of this agreement, from 03.07.2009 to 25.07.2009, the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Elbrus 2009. Mountains, scientific and cultural tourism» was held.

Kabardino-Balkaria State University is a participant of international projects:

— The 6th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development of the European Union (FP6)

— The INTAS program and the PANDA project

— It is noteworthy that 47 research institutes from 16 leading countries of the world are involved in the PANDA experiment, including only the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) and the Kabardino-Balkarian State University from the Russian Federation

— Together with the University of Miskolc, the Russian-Hungarian Science and Technology Program «Creating a Nanotechnology Cluster» is being implemented with a funding volume of more than 300 thousand euros

— The Department of Theoretical Physics participates in the international project «Electromagnetic processes in strong fields oriented in metals» with the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Aarhus (Denmark) on a non-cash basis

— Together with Italian universities in Udine, Vergata and Naples, KBSU participates in the implementation of fundamental and applied research projects carried out with the support of national and international funds (grants)

The most important direction of the international activity of KBSU is the training of specialists for foreign countries. KSU graduates hold important and responsible positions in many spheres of life in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Korea, India.