Student Council

Creation date: 26.09.2018

The aim of the Student Council is to promote the development of students’ social maturity, independence, self-organization, self-development, self-management, as well as the formation of their civic culture, active life position, preparation for competent and responsible participation in society. The objectives of the Student Council are:

involvement of students in solving all issues related to the training of highly qualified specialists;

development of proposals for improving the quality of the educational process, taking into account the scientific and professional interests of students;

ensuring the implementation of the rights to participate in the co-management of KBSU, the evaluation of the quality of the educational process;

protection and representation of students’ rights and interests in KBSU administration;

assistance in solving educational, social and other issues affecting the interests of students;

preservation and development of students’ traditions;

assistance to the administration of the university in solving educational and scientific problems, in organizing leisure and everyday life of students, in promoting a healthy lifestyle;

assistance to KBSU structural divisions in their activities within the educational process;

carrying out work aimed at raising the awareness of students and their demand for the level of their knowledge, fostering a careful attitude towards the property complex, patriotic attitude to the traditions of KBSU;

informing students about KBSU activities;

strengthening inter-university relations;

participation in the formation of public opinion about student youth as a real force and strategic resource for the development of Russian society;

assistance in implementation of socially significant youth initiatives;

solution of other tasks that do not contradict the Charter of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University and the Regulations

Chairman of the KBSU student council [/person]