Student Council

Release date: 26.09.2018

Nalchik, Chernyshevsky St. 173, building №3, room 303

+7 (8662) 40-48-06 add 13-02; e-mail:

The United Council of Students of KBSU is a place where everyone will find something interesting!

Here you will not only gain organizational experience, but also learn how to work in a team.
What does the student council of KBSU do?
– We ensure the implementation of the rights for students to participate in the self-government of KBSU, assess the quality of the educational process;
– We protect and represent the rights and interests of students in the administration of KBSU;
– We assist in solving educational, social and other issues affecting the interests of students;
– We preserve and develop the traditions of students;
– We assist the administration of the university in solving educational and scientific problems, in organizing leisure and life of students, in promoting a healthy lifestyle;
– We assist the structural divisions of KBSU in their activities as part of the educational process;
– We inform students about the activities of KBSU;
– We strengthen interuniversity relations;
– We participate in the formation of public opinion about student youth as a real force and a strategic resource for the development of Russian society;
– We contribute to the implementation of socially significant youth initiatives;
— And much more.
The United Council of Students of KBSU is a place where you are always welcome, where you will be supported by advice, where there are people who share your aspirations and any impulses. Our doors are open to everyone!