International students

Release date: 13.06.2018

Kabardino-Balkarian State University managed to keep relations with traditional partner countries, such as: Jordan, Turkey, Syria. Citizens of these countries are represented in the proportions of students studying at the university in the largest number of students from other countries. KBSU also managed to expand the contingent of students from such countries as: India, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

The dynamics of the foreign students’ number growth in the university is represented by the following diagram:

The contingent of students from 37 countries studying at KBSU in 2017 is shown in the following table:

Country Number of students
1. Abkhazia 50
2. Azerbaijan 11
3. Afghanistan 6
4. Georgia 2
5. Egypt 16
6. Israel 6
7. India 234
8. Jordan 131
9. Iraq 13
10. Italy 1
11. Yemen 11
12. Kazakhstan 4
13. Cameroon 1
14. Canada 3
15. Congo 1
16. Libya 1
17. Lebanon 1
18. Morocco 6
19. Nepal 2
20. Oman 1
21. Peru 1
22. Palestine 27
23. The Republic of Moldova 1
24. Republic of Rwanda 1
25. Syria 130
26. Somalia 1
27. Sudan 6
28. Tajikistan 33
29. Tunisia 1
30. Turkmenistan 14
31. Turkey 36
32. Uzbekistan 2
33. Ukraine 20
34. Finland 1
35. Eritrea 1
36. Ethiopia 1
37. South Ossetia 6
ИТОГО: 784

КKabardino-Balkarian State University in 2017 also organized the training of foreign students in English on the specialty «General Medicine». On October 1, 2017, 207 foreign students — citizens of India and 1 student — a citizen of Peru started their studies in the basic educational graduate program of higher education in the specialization of «General Medicine».

One of the important aspects of the development of the international education system at the university, as well as the formation of a positive image of the university among foreign students and teachers is the creation of a system for the adaptation and support of foreign citizens on the basis of the university. KBSU has all the conditions for extracurricular work with foreign students.

Foreign students took an active part in the social and cultural life of the university and also participated in all students, university and urban cultural events.

During the academic year, workers of the university tried to introduce foreign students to aesthetic and cultural values, to create all necessary conditions to show the students’ creative abilities and inclinations, and to involve them in active cultural and recreational activities. Foreign students were involved in the activities of the creative teams of the university, participated in competitions held by KBSU and events held by the Foreign Students Education Institute. For several years foreign students have been participating in the festival competition «Student Spring — 2017» and always show good results.

So that to unite multinational and multi-confessional student youth, the university regularly organized and held meetings, thematic evenings, round tables with the participation of representatives of ethno — cultural associations, such as Mother’s Day, Nauruz, Africa Day.

At the university, the annual holding of the festival of national cultures «Friendship of Peoples» has become a tradition. Students of all foreign nationalities of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University took part in the festival. They showed the guests of the festival the peculiarities of their national cultures, suits and life and treated the guests with dishes of national cuisine. The program of the festival included ethnological exhibitions, photo exhibitions, electronic presentations of participating countries, concert programs.

Foreign students took an active part in city events organized by the Youth Affairs Department of Nalchik city (including patriotic action «Tricolor», organized as part of the celebration of the Day of the Russian flag and the sports and intellectual game «Sport Watch» aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles).

An important component of spiritual and moral education is the involvement of students in charitable activities. On August 28 a team of foreign students took part in a charity mini-football tournament «Let’s help children together» at the Spartak Republican Stadium. Foreign students visited the children from the boarding school with a charitable.

Thus, extracurricular work is organized in such a way that foreign students receive knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of tutorial work within the university, which fosters tolerance, intolerance of extremism, a healthy moral and psychological climate, and the formation of national identity. During the reporting period, various measures were taken aimed at strengthening inter-ethnic harmony, fostering respect for the culture and traditions of various ethnic groups, preventing ethnic conflicts in the student environment, and preventing religious extremism.