KBSU temporarily switched to distance learning

Release date: 19.03.2020

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation dated March 14, 2020 No. 398 «On the activities of organizations under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation under the conditions of preventing the spread of a new coronavirus infection in the territory of the Russian Federation» by the administration of Kabardino -Balkar State University. H.M. Berbekov decided to transfer the training of students of all directions and forms of education to a distance learning form from 03.16.2020.

An operational headquarters has been created to develop and implement measures to conduct sanitary-anti-epidemic and preventive measures and to conduct distance learning, led by the rector of the university, Yuri Altudov.

“The university has a developed electronic educational information environment, which includes the official website of KBSU (http://kbsu.ru), an online learning system based on Moodle software with an integrated testing subsystem (http://open.kbsu.ru) , electronic library of KBSU (http://lib.kbsu.ru/); educational process automation system and the Anti-Plagiarism system of the WRC-University. In 2019, a procedure was developed for the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies in the implementation of educational programs of KBSU, the university began to create independently mass open online courses. To date, the implementation of seven of them has begun. Networking agreements were concluded with more than 10 universities that are present on the open education platform, including: HSE, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg State University, Tomsk State University and others, ”said the First Vice-Rector — Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Vadim Lesev.
In addition, as part of the implementation of network educational programs at KBSU, agreements were concluded with network partner universities, such as: North-Caucasian Federal University Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education, Dagestan State University Federal State Educational Establishment of Higher Education, Grozny State Petroleum Technical University named after Academician M.D. Millionschikova ”, FSBEI HE“ North Ossetian State University named after K. L. Khetagurov ”, FSBEI HE“ Pyatigorsk State University ”, FSBEI HE“ Karachay-Cherkess State University named after U. D. Aliyev ”.

Students who have forgotten their username and password to work in the open.kbsu.ru system can contact the department of electronic and distance learning technologies of the educational policy department of KBSU — information center building, 4th floor, 409 office.

About the platform «open.kbsu»

The online learning system based on Moodle software with the built-in testing subsystem “Open University”, functioning on the basis of the university’s official website, allows for effective interaction between teachers and students and visual methodological support of the educational process.

The system forms a unified information database of applicants, students and curricula, provides access to electronic courses, records the progress of the educational process while preserving all the achievements of students, intermediate certification and the results of mastering the curriculum, provides an opportunity for interaction of all participants in the educational process, regardless of their location .

The platform carries out the development and conduct of control and rating events based on materials developed by the faculty of KBSU. The Moodle learning management system has a wide range of standard tools (lecture, database, assignment, seminar, forum, survey, test, etc.) and is used to conduct all types of classes, assessment procedures for learning outcomes, the implementation of which is provided using e-learning, distance learning educational technology. The electronic course in the Moodle system contains either the electronic educational resources themselves or hyperlinks to these electronic educational resources.