Young IT specialists competed in the «Info-relay race — 2022» of KBSU

Release date: 11.05.2022
April 20 at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University H. M. Berbekov hosted the Republican Olympiad in Informatics and Computer Technologies «Info Relay Race — 2022» among schoolchildren of 9-11 grades. This traditional IT competition is held by the Department of Computer Technologies and Information Security of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies of KBSU in order to develop the creative potential of high school students who are fond of computer science, to form their interest in studying modern information technologies and skills in their use, the ability to find a solution in the conditions of tasks; identifying talented schoolchildren, future applicants of the IIIIiTsT. With wishes of good luck, the acting students were addressed. Vice-Rector for the organization of admission and pre-university activities, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Arsen Kharaev, Director of the Institute IIiCT, Candidate of Economic Sciences Albert Shapsigov. Due to the large-scale digitalization of enterprises and the introduction of domestic solutions, the profession of a programmer is now one of the most demanded in the world. At the moment, there is a shortage of specialists in a number of IT specialties in the country. The Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies of KBSU has such areas of training as «Applied Mathematics and Informatics», «Computer Science and Computer Engineering», «Applied Informatics», «Information Security». If you are fond of IT technologies, then welcome to our university. The competencies acquired here will definitely find application in your future work activity, — Arsen Kharaev noted. The info-relay race was opened by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Computer Technologies and Information Security Tatyana Khashirova, recalling that the Olympiad in Informatics always attracts a large number of participants. Teams from different schools of the republic had to quickly and correctly complete tasks at each of the five stations: «Entertaining computer science», «Sophisms and paradoxes», «Numbers, numbers, numbers …», «History of computer science in faces, and not only …», «Cyber ​​security». The teams were given no more than 15 minutes to complete the task and a maximum of 20 points for correct answers. In addition, points were awarded for additional competitions: team presentation, warm-up and captains’ competition.
Each team received a waybill, which indicated the time of the competitions, as well as the number of points scored for each competition. Incentive points for speed were provided: 1st place — 9 points; 2nd place — 6 points; 3rd place — 3 points.
The winners of the Republican Olympiad «Info-relay — 2022» was the team «Potential» MKOU «Gymnasium No. 14 of the city of Nalchik:
Pshinshev Timur Kazbekovich; Mizaushev Khasan Anzorovich; Susarin Artur Aleksandrovich; Gedgafova Saida Akhmedovna; Gedgafova Aida Akhmedovna.
The 2nd place was taken by the team «Ubupkhakatha» SBEI DAT «Sun City»: Berbekov Idar Andzorovich; Mambetov Aslan Muratovich; Tokhov Ahmed Aslanovich; Chechenov Eldar Alimovich; Shoranov Ruslan Muratovich.
On the 3rd place was the team «» GBOU DAT «Sun City»: Bzhenikov Albek Ibragimovich; Zakuraeva Amina Anzorovna; Nakov Azamat Eduardovich; Khashirov Oleg Aslanovich; Khashpakov Astemir Beslanovich.
The winners and prize-winners of the Info Relay Race 2022 were awarded cups and valuable gifts. For the high professionalism and preparation of students for the Republican team Olympiad in entertaining informatics and computer technologies, its organizers expressed special gratitude to the teachers and awarded them with diplomas.