Who The Best In KBSU Medical College?

Creation date: 27.12.2018

Who The Best In KBSU Medical College?

On December 25, the students of the medical college of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berebekov fought for primacy in professional and creative competitions.

5 teams of future specialists in areas of medicine, obstetrics, pharmacy, laboratory diagnostics, prosthetic dentistry and nursing, participated in the annual competition of professional skills.

In the correspondence professional stage, filmed on video, the future health workers demonstrated their professional skills, precise performance of manipulations and knowledge of theoretical material.

At the creative stage of the competition, the teams «Pharmadente», «Life», «Phoenix», «Virus» and «First Doctor» were supposed to introduce the team emblem and tell about their profession and jokingly, as they say, seriously.

All performances of young physicians were distinguished by subtle specific humor. Contestants ridiculed professional distortions and showed what could happen if they were too casual to their duties. So, the scene with the unlucky patient who was hospitalized with an attack of appendicitis at the time of the New Year corporative of medical workers caused a friendly laugh in the hall, but also made me wonder: does this really happen?

The jury headed by the medical college director Svetlana Pshibieva, commenting on the performances of the teams, wished the participants that such situations never occurred in their professional activities.

According to the results of all the competitive stages, the team of lab technicians and pharmacists Life became the second, the team of dentists and pharmacists Pharmadaden took the second place, the teams of nurses and obstetricians Phoenix and First Doctor were in third place.