When will KBSU have its own TikTok channel? Solved by «LEADER HUB 2:0»

Release date: 17.06.2021

Employees of the Department for Information Policy of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov took part in the work of an innovative educational platform for teaching basic competencies of the future «LEADER HUB 2: 0», organized by ANO «Center for New Youth Policy» in one of the most beautiful parts of the country — the resort «Krasnaya Polyana» in the Krasnodar Territory.

The educational program, implemented by the Business Development Center «Delovaya Sphere» and Digital Marketing expert, the head of the «Reputation Lab» project Nikita Prokhorov, was devoted to the topic of managing an organization’s reputation on the Internet and building a team to solve reputation management problems.

In the course of the training, the main tools and techniques for managing the reputation (of an organization or project) in the network were considered, the step-by-step technology of the behavior of the organization’s employees in the Internet space was studied, examples of the technology for creating a non-standard advertising company for an organization or project were shown.

KBSU was represented at the educational forum by Mikhail Senich, Deputy Head of the Information Policy Department of KBSU, and Jamilya Bechelova, Head of the KBSU Media Center. They presented to colleagues the structure of the university, its strengths, which form the basis of its stable positive reputation, described the current scheme of work to promote the positive image of the university.

So, for example, in 2020, a department for information policy was created at KBSU, the purpose of which is to coordinate the activities of all structures involved in and influence the information and image policy of the university, to improve this activity. The UIP of KBSU includes three departments: the press service, which is responsible for official media communications and the university website, the Media Center, which oversees all social networks of the university, and the information control department, which monitors the state of the information field of the KBSU.

Forum experts considered such a structure close to ideal, as evidenced by the university’s progress in the media activity ratings (2nd place in the North Caucasus Federal District, the head of the university in the TOP-50 media visibility rating in the Russian Federation) and low reputation risk scores according to the SCAN comprehensive news analysis system — Interfax.

However, the technologies for promoting the university’s brand and reputation management are annually adjusted, such concepts as viral marketing, explosive PR, behavioral economics, SMM and SERM audit have become commonplace. To work in this field, it is necessary not only to build a well-coordinated network reputation management team, but also to know the basic rules of public communications in a changing information environment.

Speaker — Nikita Prokhorov, being a consultant of such organizations as RANEPA, OSU, Synergy University, and such successful projects as COLISIUM, Skillbox, Netology, Business Youth, Ural Internet Week, held an introductory lecture on monitoring, working with negative, positive dissemination practices , branding, SERM, organization reputation audit, explained the basic rules for maintaining a social media account for organization representatives.

“Universities teach children, they teach our future generations, and it is very important that universities are able to position themselves correctly, properly promote their brand and attract the audience of parents and applicants that is most necessary for them, because if the correct Internet marketing does not start from universities,” then where else can it start? Therefore, it is a very good practice when universities involve their students, trainees who understand modern Internet communications and fashionable social networks in this activity.
I am a supporter of the school of correct blogging, I heard about the developments of KBSU on Instagram, your guys from the university presented a project for a social blogging media laboratory, and I was pleased with it.

You have to understand that there is nothing wrong with TikTok itself. Why is TikTok so popular with a young audience? Not because the audience is bad or TikTok is bad, but because TikTok has the most structured, easy-to-read information.

Right now, among young people, for example, what is the most dominant type of perception? — Digital. Digitals are those who are able to perceive structured short information. In TikTok, all videos are 30 — 40 — 50 seconds, where it is difficult to get confused, it is difficult not to understand something. And also TikTok is about fun, about positive things. They do not need any political showdown, problems, disputes, this is a social network in which people relax. I am sure that soon this social network will become more and more popular.

There is still a preconceived impression that TikTok has a backward audience, but if you look at which advanced bloggers and businessmen made big profits on TikTok, this impression will change. It contains the right quality expert content, literary producers, and big businessmen promoting educational services.

Therefore, the fact that KBSU strives not only to moderate the official website with high quality, but also to develop in Instagram and is going to develop in TikTok is a very correct decision, «Nikita Prokhorov noted.

All participants of the LEADER HUB 2: 0 educational program created a step-by-step action plan for online reputation management for their organizations, defended it in front of colleagues, received high-quality feedback from experts and certificates of completion of the educational program.

“There were several important discoveries for me on this intensive. Firstly, these are, in fact, Nikita Prokhorov’s proven instructions on reputation management, and secondly, I changed my attitude to social networks and upon arrival I will set up an account in Tik-Tok, and in the near future, together with the media center of KBSU, we will think over and we will open an account of the university in this network. And, of course, new smart, useful contacts — the opening of new contacts with colleagues from other universities ”, — Mikhail Senich left his review of the program.