The Boiling Point Of KBSU Will Take Part In The International Project World AI & Data Challenge

Release date: 25.06.2020

The Boiling Point Of KBSU Will Take Part In The International Project World AI & Data Challenge

70 Boiling Points and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives are organizing a series of large-scale online data hackathons in support of the second phase of the World AI & Data Challenge international project. KBSU IT people can loudly declare themselves on July 11-12.

The participants will be IT and data specialists, students from various universities, IT companies from Russia and other countries. Both previously formed teams and those formed on data-hackathons can take part. Participants can also solve problems independently without joining teams.

“Last year, the format of data-hackathons with“ Boiling Points ”showed high efficiency, and we are pleased that this year the project aroused even greater interest and willingness to implement it together. It is with direct interaction with developers that you understand that these are really people who are ready to change the world using their competencies,” — said Yana Kovalenko, project director of the digital development center.
For two days, experts in the field of AI & Data will become mentors for developers and share their experience in implementing projects in the field of AI and data analysis, as well as help participants verify hypotheses of problem solving and, if desired, take on the support of the best guys to finalize MVP solutions.

“This year, with the support of the World Bank, it was possible to expand the borders of the project, and we see how more and more countries are involved in its participation. This confirms the level of set international tasks, the involvement of experts from other countries in their assessment, as well as the willingness to conduct data hackathons with IT specialists at their sites with us, ”said Vera Adaeva, director of the digital development center.
Venues from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have already joined the data-hackathons. There, in the near future, it is also planned to open the «Boiling Points». Interest was also shown by Singapore, Bahrain and the CIS countries. University, city «Boiling Points» and international sites will unite in teams and conduct 10 online data-hackathons, one of which will be held on the platform of KBSU.

Recall: on February 10, 2020, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the World Bank launched the international competition World AI & Data Challenge, aimed at solving global socio-economic problems with the help of big data processing technologies and artificial intelligence.

At the first stage of the competition, 147 tasks were submitted from Singapore, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and 43 regions of Russia. The best tasks selected by the expert jury of the competition will be presented at the second stage for solving both within the framework of the data hackathon, and for self-completion after the event. At the third stage (September 2020 — February 2021) a competition of implementations will be held.

In order to take part in the data hackathon, you need to go through 3 steps: register on the LEADER ID portal, apply with one click on the event page of the KBSU University Boiling Point event, and download the free Zoom video conferencing program. The administrator of the hackathon will send a link to the event and password to the mail specified in the LEADER ID personal account. For consultations, please call +7 (928) 713-11-23.

It will be 48 hours of brainstorming. This time in the calm atmosphere of # Kodimdoma. The best solutions developed at the hackathon will be implemented throughout Russia and presented for replication in other countries. For more details, see the KBSU Boiling Points page on the LEADER ID and the VKontakte project page.