The admissions campaign at KBSU started today on June 20

Release date: 20.06.2024

Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Kh.M. Berbekov hospitably opened its doors to applicants today — the admissions campaign started at 9 am. 10 institutes, 1 faculty and 4 colleges are waiting for young people who want to receive a quality education at one of the leading universities in Russia.

KBSU’s admissions campaign is organized at a high technological and organizational level: an electronic queue system, online admission, data encryption, a pool of specially trained consultants and volunteers make admission to the university as accessible and comfortable as possible.

Documents are copied on the spot. Specialists from the university departments explain to graduates in detail the features of the curriculum, conditions and requirements for each area of ​​training. After consultation, applicants go to the operating rooms of the admissions committee, where their documents are accepted.

An application for admission to KBSU can also be submitted remotely, through the university’s electronic information system or through the “Online University Admission” superservice on the “State Services” portal or through postal operators (documents required for admission must be submitted on time).

This academic year, 10% of the total budget places will be allocated to children of military personnel who took or are taking part in a special military operation in the territories of the LPR, DPR and Ukraine, children of Heroes of the Russian Federation, persons awarded three Orders of Courage and children of medical workers who died in as a result of infection with a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) while performing their work duties, in the main professional educational programs of medical and pharmaceutical education.

There is also a special quota, which is set by the university in the amount of 10% of the volume of control figures for each specialty or area of ​​training. The following have the right to participate in the competition within the framework of a special quota: disabled people since childhood; disabled children; disabled people of groups 1 and 2; orphans, children left without parental care; disabled people due to military injury or illness received during military service; combat veterans from among the persons specified in subparagraphs 1-4 of paragraph 1 of Article 3 of the Federal Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-FZ “On Veterans”

One nuance — in order for a person participating in the competition for budget places to be included in the admission order, it is necessary that his original document is in the admissions committee of KBSU.

The university firmly holds the record for document submission time — 12 minutes, which is exactly how long it will take for an applicant who knows where he wants to enroll in order for his documents to be accepted, processed and entered into a secure database in 2024.

Acceptance of documents for budget-funded undergraduate and specialist places will last until July 25 (July 12 for applicants to study programs with additional entrance tests organized by the university), for the SVE level — until August 15.

You can find out more about the list of documents, information about specialties, exams and the number of places on the website of the KBSU Admissions Committee and in the newspaper “KBSU Entrant – 2024”.

Working hours of the KBSU admissions committee:

Monday — Friday: from 9-00 to 18-00

Saturday: from 9-00 to 17-00

Sunday is a day off

Phone numbers for inquiries: +7(8662) 42-27-79, +7(8662) 42-22-40

Address: 360004, Nalchik, st. Chernyshevsky, 173, main building of KBSU.