Postgraduate student of KBSU — the best teacher in Nalchik-2021

Release date: 30.03.2021

From March 10 to March 26, the municipal stage of the All-Russian competition «Teacher of the Year — 2021» was held in Nalchik, the winner of which was a postgraduate student of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University H. M. Berbekov, teacher of Russian language and literature MBOU secondary school №33 in Nalchik Alina Karova.

By tradition, an educational institution, which was represented by last year’s winner, became a platform for the competition — this year it is the Moscow State Educational Institution «Gymnasium No. 14». There, 12 teachers of city schools competed in professional skills for the title of the best teacher in Nalchik.

The competition included six stages: website creation, an open lesson, a methodological seminar, a class hour, a master class and a public presentation. Alina Karova spoke about her experience of participating in the «Teacher of the Year» competition.

The 2nd stage seemed to me the most difficult — an open lesson, because it was the first practical test in pedagogical skills, I was very worried. We had to give a lesson to complete strangers. Here I was saved by two years of work experience, the support of relatives, friends, colleagues and love for my work! I began to improvise, and looking at the children and starting the lesson, I completely forgot that this was a competition, that the jury members were sitting, I just began to happily teach the lesson, as I usually do. It was a lesson on the topic «Ariadne’s threads based on the story of V.P. Astafiev» A horse with a pink mane «, — the young teacher comments.

The next step was to conduct a methodological seminar, where it was necessary to share their teaching methods, new ideas and techniques. «Diagnostics of subject learning», which Alina spoke about, is to increase the motivation of students and form skills using system diagnostics. The «no-mark» work is carried out on the current and previous topics. After that, they are analyzed using a special diagnostic card. As a result, you can see the gaps and achievements of the learners and, accordingly, guide them.

The last class before the determination of the five finalists was a class hour on the topic “We are different”. According to Alina, the 6th grade students were active, arguing vigorously, working in teams, solving various conflict problems and showing a high level of knowledge and good upbringing.

In the work of a teacher, I like the fact that I can share my knowledge with children, develop their abilities, advise, direct in the right direction, in return feel their love and gratitude. My motto for life is «Being Human», and if I can positively influence the formation of the personality of children, then this is the greatest success, in my opinion,
— says the teacher of literature.

In the final, the young specialist held a master class on the topic «The Art of Speaking», where she shared her best practices on how oratory can help teachers and students, and made a presentation on working with gifted children in a distance format.

For me, participation in the “Teacher of the Year” competition is the development of the latest modern techniques, new acquaintances, pleasant conversations — on the one hand, on the other — scrupulous planning of all 6 performances, painstaking website creation, practicing every little thing, fear in the eyes of my family at the sight of me , because I rehearsed all the lessons and performances on them, sleepless nights, a day starting at 4 in the morning, in order to carefully repeat everything again and get ready. But if I was asked today: «Are you going to participate in the competition?» Knowing what I have to do, I would still agree. Nothing falls from the sky. If we want to be the best in our business, we need to gather the will into a fist, gain courage, work and develop,
— Alina Karova shared her impressions.

We congratulate KBSU graduate student Alina Karova with successful participation in the municipal stage of the All-Russian competition «Teacher of the Year — 2021» and wish you great inspiration and implementation of all creative ideas, as well as victory in the competition at the next stages.