Open Day at IEEiR KBSU

Release date: 15.01.2021

Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov continues to conduct live YouTube broadcasts from the open days of her educational departments, the organizer of which is the department for pre-university training and career guidance of the university.

On January 14, applicants and their parents were able to take a virtual tour at the Institute of Informatics, Electronics and Robotics of the KBSU and get acquainted with its areas of training.

“It’s not a secret for anyone that the profession of a programmer is one of the most demanded not only in our country, but also in the world. The Institute of Informatics, Electronics and Robotics of the KBSU provides training for a wide profile in the current areas of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, recognized as priorities at the state and international levels. Among them, such as informatics and computer technology, applied informatics, information security, radio engineering, electronics and nanoelectronics, mechatronics and robotics, and others.

By the way, in our institute the number of budget-funded places is many times greater than in others. More than 50 educational and scientific laboratories, two innovation and scientific educational centers equipped with high-tech equipment of the world level in mechanical engineering and robotics, 11 doctors and 39 candidates of sciences, honored workers of science and technology of the Russian Federation and KBR, members of various academies — this is what our institute is rich in. And many more students and postgraduates of the institute are winners and prize-winners of various Olympiads and competitions and become scholarships of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the Head of the KBR, ”said Natalya Cherkesova, Director of the IEEiR KBSU.

She also drew the attention of applicants to the disciplines that need to be passed in order to enter the IEEE. Mandatory: specialized mathematics, Russian, and optional: physics or computer science.

“But it will be better if you choose both subjects, thereby increasing your chances of entering the budget,” — advised the head of the institute.

The head of ITV company told about close cooperation with the institute | AxxonSoft — the leader of the Russian market in the development of intelligent integrated security and video surveillance systems, Murat Altuev:

“I thank KBSU for supporting all our initiatives. Entering KBSU, children from the first year can start studying computer science not only in theory, but also in practice, in our company. In my opinion, IT technologies can be mastered only in practice. My advice to applicants: you need to choose not a university, but a profession. The profession of a programmer is not easy, you need to study a lot, work hard to become a real specialist. But on the other hand, your work will not be in vain, because the demand for IT specialists is huge. »

The Institute of Informatics, Electronics and Robotics of KBSU includes seven departments:

Department of Information Technologies in the Management of Technical Systems (Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Viktor Khakulov),

Department of Computer Technologies and Information Security (Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Tatyana Khashirova),

Department of «Physical foundations of micro- and nanoelectronics» (head of the department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Azmet-Geri Shebzukhov),

Department of «Electronics and Information Technologies» (head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ruslan Teshev),

Department of «Technology and equipment of automated production» (head of the department Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Martin Yakhutlov),

Department of «Mechatronics and Robotics» (Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Khamisha Senov),

Department of Quality Management (Acting Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Oksana Islamova).

During the conversation with the heads of the departments, all directions of the institute’s training were covered. The teachers wished future applicants good luck on the Unified State Exam and a conscious choice of their future specialty.

Concluding the online meeting, the head of the department for pre-university training and vocational guidance work of KBSU Aksana Karasheva reminded that those graduates of schools who intend to enter a university need to have time to decide on the choice of subjects for passing the Unified State Exam by February 1, and with all the questions on admission to university you can contact by phone 8 (8662) 774187 or to the Instagram page @abiturient_kbsu and telegram

The entire meeting can be viewed on the KBSU YouTube channel at the link: