KBSU scientists and medical practitioners agreed to work together

Release date: 12.01.2021

KBSU scientists and medical practitioners agreed to work together

January 11 at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov passed an interdisciplinary scientific seminar with the participation of practicing dentists. Within the framework of the event, an agreement was reached on cooperation between KBSU scientists and doctors to solve urgent problems of practical dentistry. The doctors visited the specialized laboratories of KBSU, where they were shown the capabilities of modern equipment.

Specialists of the Center for Professional Dentistry «Estet» (Nalchik) voiced the areas in which they want to cooperate with scientists from KBSU. A specific example was given by the orthopedic therapist Abislan Gubzhokov:

It would be interesting for us to study the composition of the microflora in the tooth canal and purposefully influence it with a solution that will definitely make the root system sterile, we are also interested in new generation antiseptics.
The head physician of the clinic Artur Teuvazhukov also spoke about the need to use the scientific potential:

«It will be interesting for me to use the capabilities of the scientific equipment of KBSU for the development of research in the field of digital modeling, orthopedics, the introduction of new promising materials. We often represent our company at international events and it would be good if our practical work was based on comprehensive research and new scientific knowledge.»

«It is very good when there are progressive doctors who want to improve their approaches to treatment, increase its effectiveness and safety for the population of the republic, and it is good that you turned to our scientists in search of answers to your questions. Unfortunately, science is now often divorced from practice. If we establish a business contact today, it will undoubtedly bring many benefits to both doctors and scientists. We can not only jointly solve problems arising in practical medicine, but also develop and implement new approaches to treatment, implement projects in various directions. Also, based on these developments, practicing doctors will be able to defend candidate, doctoral dissertations, i.e. develop your career», — said the acting vice-rector for research work, doctor of chemical sciences, professor Svetlana Khashirova.

Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology of the Faculty of Medicine of KBSU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Zaira Kharaeva explained what research the university can conduct:

«It is pleasant to deal with practicing doctors who do not work according to a template, but are in constant search of new technologies and implement the methods of work developed by them into practice. Our scientists, including chemists, will have to familiarize themselves with the composition of materials used in orthopedic dentistry. A separate progressive area in orthopedics is the lightening of structures, changing their composition. In the case of dental coatings, there are many different options for «sealing» with different chemical films — we can offer studies of possible options.
In surgical dentistry, we implement a set of works on directed reparative regeneration of bone tissue, investigate the tendency to scarring, etc. From the point of view of technological capabilities, the data we obtained in the field of microbiology and immunology are interesting. The main thing is to understand the task that you, as clinicians, set, and in the future we will write a specific project for each task».

Employees of the Department of Biology, Geoecology and Molecular Genetic Foundations of Living Systems of the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the KBSU can connect to microbiological research and test the drugs used in dentistry for toxicity. This was announced by the head of the department Anzor Paritov.

Svetlana Khashirova told about modern polymeric materials that can be successfully used in orthopedic dentistry, and new antiseptics with which the center for advanced materials and additive technologies of KBSU works.

Head of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Hasbi Kushkhov acquainted dentists with the capabilities of the Center for Collective Use «X-ray Diagnostics of Materials» and assured that he could cooperate with doctors in the field of creating biocompatible inorganic materials and researching the quality of implants used in dentistry.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided that the doctors will formulate and in the near future will present to the scientists of KBSU specific tasks in the areas of dentistry they are interested in.

As the Acting Rector of KBSU Yuri Altudov explained, in the future, interdisciplinary research groups will be formed to solve problems dictated by practical medicine. The use of the equipment of the university and the achievements of university scientists will allow the implementation of joint projects aimed at increasing the efficiency of the treatment process based on scientific knowledge.