KBSU is a member of the SEB Consortium

Release date: 17.02.2021

KBSU is a member of the SEB Consortium

Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov is a member of the Consortium of Network Electronic Libraries (EBC), which includes 255 universities, within which he has access to 33,000 titles of educational, scientific literature for teachers and students in all areas of knowledge.

«Your university has become one of hundreds of partner universities that have united for mutual development and improving the quality and accessibility of education. We are grateful to you for your trust and interested support of our initiatives,» — says the letter from the director of EBS Lan’ Alexander Nikiforov addressed to the Acting Rector of KBSU Yuri Altudov.

The consortium of online digital libraries is the unification of the content of several sectoral online digital libraries (agricultural, technical, classical and others) on a single platform. Within the framework of the project, participating universities post scientific and educational content published at the university for mutual free use.

«Thanks to your efforts, the efforts of your colleagues from other universities, as well as the efforts of your university library staff, the project has become a unique initiative of its kind, unparalleled in the volume and quality of free educational content,» — noted in the letter.

All the literature of the single fund of the SEB Consortium is now available to readers of the KBSU library, participants in the educational process.

You can start reading special literature from participating universities by following the link.

To learn more about the consortium, as well as to get acquainted with additional materials about online digital libraries, visit the website.