KBSU hosted an Olympiad in immunology among students

Release date: 19.04.2024

At the Medical Academy of Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Kh.M. Berbekov took part in the Olympiad in Immunology, in which 16 teams took part.

Before the start of the competition, all participants took an oath to be honest and respect their opponents, observing traditions. The Olympiad consisted of 4 stages: a blitz survey, during which teams had to quickly answer interesting questions, “Brainstorming”, where it was necessary to make a diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms, “Diagnostics”, which required determining the disease syndrome, and the “Black Box” task «, here the teams were asked to guess the treatment method based on clues.

The participants demonstrated their skills and talent, which was noted by the head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, Professor Zaira Kharaeva. In her opinion, such intellectual competitions help consolidate and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired by students during their studies at the KBSU Medical Academy.