It will be easier for college graduates to enter KBSU in 2021

Release date: 17.06.2021

On June 11, a meeting of career counselors of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov with graduates of the Kabardino-Balkarian Humanitarian and Technical College.

Arsen Kharaev, KBSU Vice-Rector for Admission and Pre-University Activities, Aksana Karasheva, Advisor to the KBSU Rector’s Office for Career Guidance, and Natalya Cherkesova, Director of the Institute of Informatics, Electronics and Robotics of KBSU, spoke in detail about the innovations of the admission campaign — 2021 and answered all the questions of KBGTK graduates.

So, Aksana Karasheva drew the attention of the children to important dates for those entering the university on the basis of open source education: June 20 — the beginning of the admission of documents for admission; no later than July 15, universities publish on their websites the schedule of entrance examinations, which they conduct independently; On July 29, the acceptance of documents from applicants with the results of the Unified State Exam to the budget at the bachelor’s and specialty levels ends.

It is also important to know that after any college located in any city in the country, any university subordinate to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation must accept your documents. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to go to the specialty of higher education, which will be somehow connected with the profession or specialty that you have mastered,
— noted Aksana Karasheva.

Then the head of the department for pre-university training and vocational guidance recalled another important advantage for graduates of secondary vocational education — the possibility of entering a university without the USE. But here it is necessary to understand that the result of each test is valid only in the university where it was passed, and only in the year when it was passed.

To increase the chances of entering the budget, it is better to pass both the exam and the entrance tests. Then it will be possible, by comparing the results, to ask the selection committee to count the best option available. In addition, not all universities organize entrance exams for vocational education graduates. There are those who enroll only on the basis of the USE results. This needs to be clarified in advance. In this sense, KBSU compares favorably with other universities. And one more thing: after college, you can only enter the first year of the university,
— warned Aksana Karasheva.

Also, future applicants learned that at KBSU you can apply for seven areas of training (bachelor’s / specialty level).

An important point of the admissions campaign — 2021 is the acceptance of documents, which will be carried out using remote technologies, including through the super service «Applying to the university online» through «State services» and through public postal operators.

KBGTK graduates were explained how to create a personal account and attach documents.

Further, the director of the IEEiR KBSU Natalya Cherkesova and the head of the IHiB KBSU Arsen Kharaev told the children about their divisions and the most demanded areas of training.

All available information for applicants is posted in a special section on the KBSU website:

Phones for inquiries: +7 (8662) 42-27-79, +7 (8662) 42-22-40 +7 (800) 201-13-44 (receiving calls from June 20, 2021)