Environmental problems were discussed at KBSU at the scientific and practical conference of schoolchildren

Release date: 17.12.2020

The results of the scientific-practical conference of schoolchildren on the problems of ecology and biology, held at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Kh. M. Berbekova November 27-30.

About 30 educational institutions from different regions of Kabardino-Balkaria took part in the conference, organized by the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of KBSU in cooperation with the REC «Botanical Garden». The conference was held in three sections «Biology», «Ecology», «Rational use of natural resources». There were heard 23 scientific works of students of 5th-9th grades, which passed competitive selection and review by the organizing committee. The guys tried very hard, their performances were informative, scientifically reasoned, many of them had a practical orientation.

By the decision of the jury consisting of the director of the ICB, Professor Arsen Kharaev, deputy of the Parliament of the KBR of the Kabardino-Balkarian regional branch of the Russian Ecological Party «Greens», Professor Safarbi Shkhagopsoev, director of the REC «Botanical Garden», Associate Professor Zaur Sherkhov. Researcher, IEGT RAS, Deputy. Chairperson of the MOED “Ecology — — Life” Galina Kyarova places were distributed as follows:

5-7th grades

Section «Biology»: 1st place — Paritov Alan, 7th grade. MBOU «SOSH» No. 33, Nalchik — «Ecological and faunistic analysis of bats in the KBR»; 2nd place — Diana Pshibieva, grade 7 MKOU «SOSH» No. 32, Nalchik — «Wild plants in the traditional food of the Kabardians»; 3rd place — Kankulov Alim, 7th grade. MKOU «SOSH» №24 Nalchik — «Environmental problems of the population», 3rd place — Chernyavsky Kirill, 5th grade. MKOU «SOSH» st. Ekaterinogradskaya — “What can we do”.

Section «Ecology»: 1st place — Akkaev Arthur, 7th grade. MKOU «SOSH» s. p. Yanikoy — “Environmental problems of my village”; 2nd place — Ivanova Daria, 7th grade. MCOU «SOSH» No. 24, Nalchik — «The influence of environmental factors on the health of a schoolchild»; 3rd place — Khagazheeva Camilla, 6th grade. MCOU «SOSH» No. 1 named after N.T. Kanukoeva «S. p. Lechinkai — “Problems of household waste in my village”, 3rd place — Khadzugova Naina, 7th grade, MCOU “SOSH” No. 4 Baksan — “Ecological state of Lake Tambukan”.

Chechenov Temirlan, grade 7, is awarded for active participation and originality of the work. MKOU «Secondary School No. 3» Nalchik — «Lichens of KBR»

and Apikov Inal, 5th grade. MKOU «SOSH» No. 18, Nalchik — Biological diversity of the fauna and flora of the KBR.

8-9th grades

Section «Biology»: 1st place — Betrozov Timirlan, 9th grade. MKOU «Gymnasium No. 14» Nalchik — «Study of the Khaznidon River for the content of cations of d-and f-elements»; 2nd place — Alan Zhurtov, 9th grade. MOU SOSH №2 named after HA. Shafiev. s.p. Zayukovo — «Cultivation of cultivated plants using environmentally friendly methods», 2nd place — Guchev Ismail, 8th grade. MKOU «Secondary School No. 3» Nalchik — «The provision of the body of adolescents with minerals (iodine)»; 3rd place — Dana Shibzukhova, 8th grade. MKOU «School No. 32» Nalchik — «Closed ecosystem in the bank», 3rd place — Khatueva Dana, 9th grade. MCOU Secondary School No. 5 Nalchik — «The effect of pesticides on the soil, crop yields and human health» ..

Section «Ecology»: 1st place — Mzokova Dilyara, 8th grade. MKOU «Secondary School No. 3» Nalchik — «Study of the radiation background in the city of Nalchik»; 2nd place — Gudova Fatima, 8th grade. MKOU «Secondary school named after P. P. Gritsaya «Art. Soldierskoy — «The wonderful tree elm»; 3rd place — Matuev Alim, 9th grade. MKOU secondary school №3, Nartkaly — «Research of biological diversity of plants in the forest-park zone of Nartkaly, revealing the role of forest plantations in improving the microclimate», 3rd place — Ebueva Elizat, 9th grade. MCOU «School No. 3», Nalchik — «Ecological state of the school site».

Section «Rational nature management»: 1st place — Anaeva Aminat, 9th grade. MKOU «SOSH» Kichmalka — «To the Narzan Valley for health and beauty!»; 2nd place — Frieva Amina, 10th grade. MKOU «Secondary School No. 3″ Tyrnyauz — “Study of the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the mental state of a person, in particular on the level of anxiety of students in grades 9-11 of the secondary school №3»; 3rd place — Tligurova Insana, 9th grade. MCOU «School No. 2 named after A.A. Shogentsukov «Baksan -» Ecology of my city Baksan «, 3rd place — Kasheva Camilla, 8th grade. MKOU «Secondary School No. 32», Nalchik — «Influence of biorhythms on the performance of students at school.»

All conference participants will be awarded certificates and prizes.