Digital Transformation In KBSU

Creation date: 09.02.2019

Digital Transformation In KBSU


In Moscow, at the boiling point congress center of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, a communication session for university transformation teams took place from January 27 to January 29, in which KBSU employees took an active part.

The communication session, organized by the University — 2035 and conducted by experts from the LEADER-ID Leadership Development Institute, is focused on educational organizations that are ready to become part of a university transformation project. The purpose of the forum is to establish communication between participants in the process of transformation of universities, to acquaint them with information about the services of the University — 2035, the possibilities for their implementation and use.

From the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov was attended by assistant rector, head of the organizational and administrative department Tanzilya Makhieva, assistant pro-rector for educational work, associate professor of the department of computer science and information security of the Institute of computer science, electronics and computer technologies, and Berd Tarchokov, project manager at the KBSU strategic development department.

The session included various work formats: joint design, hypothesis transformation of the university, learning events and networking. University teams determined the digital transformation trajectory that the university should follow in the near future, got acquainted with the key elements of the digital transformation, with the university resources necessary for this process. During the session, at seminars and discussions, the participants analyzed the existing experience of including the agenda of the National Technology Initiative in the educational process. University specialists — 2035 helped the forum participants to formulate their own hypothesis of university transformation and determine the first steps to use the services — 2035 and implement changes at their university.