Dialogue With Pro-rector Of KBSU

Release date: 07.10.2019

Dialogue With Pro-rector Of KBSU

October 2 at Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov in the framework of the project of student discussion clubs “Dialog on an equal footing”, initiated by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, a meeting of students with a doctor of historical sciences, vice-rector of KBSU for pre-university training and DPO Arthur Kazharov.

Answering honestly and openly to numerous questions, the vice-rector managed to win over the audience from the very beginning of the conversation. He told about himself, where he came from, about how he dreamed of enrolling at KBSU at one of the most popular historical faculties of the period, but this came out only on the second attempt. With special gratitude, Arthur Gusmanovich recalled his mentors, professors Galima Mambetov, Tugan Kumykov, who instilled in him a love of history.

I am sure that it is necessary to study all my life. This is the only time you need to be a fan. I had high-level teachers who were able to motivate, organize the educational process. A lot depends on the teachers. I would even say that we are more the result of the collective will of our teachers,
— the vice-rector is convinced.

Answering the question whether he was an activist in his student years, Kazharov admitted that he spent a lot of time reading books in the library, there was almost no time left for public life. But he told how proud he was when in 1994 he was elected a delegate to the conference on the election of a new university rector.

The meeting speaker also shared his youthful dreams with a young audience, for example, about how he once wanted to become a football player, but became a historian and never regretted it. The whole life of Arthur Kazharov is closely connected with KBSU and science. Already in his third year, he realized that he would like to work at the university. And so it happened. For some time he went to the Ministry of Education and Science of the KBR, but then returned to his native university as a vice-rector.

It is believed that a government agency cannot be a second home. But the university can, for me this is the second home. And I think, not only for me. Here are their orders, laws, traditions,
— said Arthur Gusmanovich.

One of the guys asked: “Did you want to live in another country?”.

I’m probably a conservative, ”replied the vice-rector,“ I believe that if I was born here, I belong to this people, then I should not leave somewhere. ” The only thing I would like is to look at least with one peep into the depths of centuries. Look at the Kabardian Hasa, as it was hundreds of years ago.
Addressing the youth, the guest gave advice on how to achieve success:

You need to define a guideline for yourself and follow it. The main thing is that there is motivation, and it is connected with abilities. He wants one who wants. Success is a sober, calm approach to business. Man must be open to the world, and then success will be on his side. Time is running very fast. What was a question today will become a problem tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will turn into a conflict in the soul, so that this does not happen, one must be patient, persistent and not waste time in vain.
And when asked what literature should be read, Arthur Gusmanovich answered that everyone has different tastes. The good thing is that young people read books in principle. He himself prefers Russian, foreign classics, he also considers it useful to read memoirs and, of course, historical literature.

At the end of the meeting, students thanked the vice-rector for an interesting conversation, and Arthur Kazharov, for his part, noted that he had learned a lot from himself in communicating with them.

For reference:

The implementation of the project of student discussion clubs “Dialog on an equal footing” was initiated by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. In the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, the regional coordinator of the project is the GBU “Multifunctional Youth Center” of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Affairs of the KBR.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate to students using successful and famous people as an example that modern Russia is a country of equal opportunities where success can be achieved in any field and in any region, regardless of the place of birth and social status of the young person.

The format of the event is the expert’s discussion with student youth in various areas: “Youth, globalization, challenges of the time”, “Career and social elevator”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Leadership”, “Soft skill”, “Culture”, “Lifestyle”, “ Charity, the third sector ”,“ New Education ”,“ Publicity and the Media ”,“ Internet ”,“ Economics ”.