Competition Of Oratory in Foreign Languages Held at KBSU

Release date: 29.10.2019

Competition Of Oratory in Foreign Languages Held at KBSU

October 24 at Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov passed the annual city competition of oratory in foreign languages ​​“Speakers’ Corner 2019 ”, in which senior pupils of general educational institutions of Nalchik and students of 2–4 courses of the direction “Philology. English language».

The initiators of the competition — the City Resource Center for the Study of Foreign Languages ​​and the Department of English Language at the KSBU KGBU, whose employees are part of the Kabardino-Balkarian Association of English Teachers — aimed to increase the general level of fluency in foreign languages ​​by schoolchildren and students of Nalchik in the region oratory, to develop their communication skills and techniques for preparing and delivering public speeches.

«It is very pleasant that our cohort is expanding. Today you will demonstrate your speaker skills, communication skills. I thank you for your participation and I am confident that you all will successfully perform today», — Zuriyat Murtazova, the head of the English language department, welcomed the young cicerons.

The topic of the matches was determined in advance — “Globalism against conservatism”. And it should be noted that the performances of the guys were distinguished by the power of persuasion, eloquence, and a rich vocabulary. From the rostrum, not only English was heard, but also German, French and even Spanish.

The jury, consisting of teachers of foreign languages ​​of schools in the city of Nalchik and teachers of the English language department of KBSU, evaluated the debut of young speakers according to several criteria: compliance with the chosen topic and the given style; structure of speech and speech behavior; the ability to influence the audience with all the available arsenal of rhetorical means; originality of performance; ability to lead a discussion.

The winners and prize-winners of the Speakers ’Corner 2019 contest, after summing up, will be awarded with diplomas and diplomas of the education department of the local administration of the city of Nalchik.

For reference:

The Speakers ’Corner Corner at Hyde Park in London is a world-famous symbol of freedom of speech. As a platform where anyone can publicly speak out on any topic, Speakers ’Corner emerged in 1872 in response to riots and reform demands. A law was passed by which park administrations, not authorities, should allow or prohibit public discussions. However, they established a general principle, and not a specific place — the speaker’s corner was not reflected in any documents. It exists as a tradition.

Despite the existence of the Internet, loud speeches do not stop in the Corner. People want to talk to people directly. They stand on boxes from under fruit or a step-ladder and share sore with casual passers-by. On weekdays, mostly tourists listen to them, and Londoners come on weekends. Almost always discussions are very civilized.

If suddenly a tourist wants to speak for himself, he should know that, contrary to popular belief, a speaker in the Speakers Corner does not gain immunity against prosecution under the law. Although the police are condescending to the speakers, something here is still forbidden: blasphemy, obscenity, incitement to disturb public peace and insulting the queen.