Admission Campaign Started at KBSU — 2020

Release date: 27.06.2020

June 20 at Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov launched the admission campaign 2020. Remotely! In connection with the situation due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

The new admission format raises many questions among applicants and their parents. The next open day on-line, organized by the department for pre-university training and career guidance of the university, was aimed at resolving all the ambiguities.

During the live broadcast, the vice-rector of KBSU for pre-university training and DPO Arthur Kazharov and the head of the Department of Public Administration and Development Aksana Karasheva spoke in detail and in detail about the features of the summer campaign of KBSU-2020, submitting documents through the applicant’s personal account, conducting entrance tests in the remote format, the procedure for enrolling at different levels education and many other points that are useful for applicants to know.

At the beginning of the online meeting, the KBSU Vice-Rector named the main regulatory documents that the university is guided by during the admission campaign, noting that the features of the current admission are remote reception of documents and remote entrance examinations.

“The contacts of consultants for all educational units of our university are posted on our Instagram page, and you, dear applicants, have the opportunity to call consultants directly to find answers to all your questions,” Aksana Karasheva said.
She also named the documents posted on the KBSU website in the «Applicants» section, familiarization with which will help applicants and their parents to navigate correctly when choosing a course of study. These are the admission rules developed on the basis of regulatory documents on the admission procedure; a list of specialties, areas of training, forms of training that are being accepted; information on the availability of budget places, reception targets, lower thresholds for points approved in each direction and subject.

Further, it was said that the acceptance of documents for those applicants who enter KBSU according to the results of the exam will be carried out until August 18, and college graduates and everyone who will take entrance exams at the university will have to pass the documents by July 25. The schedule of entrance exams will appear until July 5 on the KBSU website. They will also be held online.

The meeting moderators noted that upon entering a university, three exams must be passed, of which it is mandatory in Russian, or two exams and an additional internal university exam (if this is required by the direction of preparation). A modern applicant should try to get a wider range of competencies. In order to be able to study simultaneously in two areas of preparation, you need to have an appropriate set of exam results. Note that the cost of training on the recommendation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation was left at the price level of last year. The KBSU website has already posted information for applicants entering on a contractual basis.

Speaking of threshold points, Arthur Kazharov explained that this year as a whole they increased by about 15%: in some subjects by 1-2 points, in some more significantly. Threshold points allow you to participate in the competition, and the passing point is the sum of points for three subjects from the applicant, who in the ranked list takes the last place among those enrolled. Passing score becomes known at the end of admission.

It was also said about points for individual achievements, the maximum of which is 10 points. A list of achievements can be found on the KBU website. All documents confirming individual achievements must be posted in your account.

Aksana Karasheva emphasized that in your personal account you must register a copy of your passport, a document of education, SNILS. A statement of consent to enrollment in the system of your personal account is generated automatically. The original certificate and medical certificate do not need to be brought.

During the online meeting, they talked about which areas of preparation additional (internal university) exams are needed, how many areas and specialties can be indicated in your personal account, what “waves” of enrollment exist, which applicants belong to the preferential category, how to get a target agreement training and whether it is a guarantee of income on the budget. The answers to all these questions can be found by looking at the meeting record on the YouTube channel of KBSU.

At the end of the conversation, Arthur Kazharov and Aksana Karasheva wished all applicants successful passing the exam and good luck on admission to KBSU.