Master program “Management”

Creation date: 06.08.2018

The English medium master program is excellent for those who already have higher education and want to improve their academic level. This is an attractive master program, which enables the graduates to fulfill themselves in various fields of science, industry and entrepreneurship.

It will provide a perfect chance for you to enjoy the advantages of the program which will enable you to:

— be enrolled with any background, technical or liberal;

— combine your study and work;

— learn from professionals: all the teachers of the master program are candidates and doctors of science with practical experience in this country and throughout the world;

— follow individual curriculum;

— participate in conferences, competitions, grants and other activities.


The graduates’ expertise and skills, acquired during their study period will enable them to pursue:

— Management in companies of any form of enterprise as top managers in various departments and offices;

— Management in state and municipal bodies;

— Entrepreneurial and organization activity in various structures, where the graduates act as entrepreneurs who create and develop their own business;

— Scientific research activity in scientific organizations related to the solution of important management problems.

Intensive course of Russian is also envisaged to make you enjoy the exciting opportunities of the Russian market the fastest growing and emerging markets of the world.


The normative period of study is 2 years (four semesters)

Tuition fee is 270 600 Russian rubles.

For more information, please apply to the International Department Office:, Attn:  Laura