Bachelor’s degree program «Applied Informatics»

Creation date: 17.12.2018


ProgramApplied Informatics
DirectionApplied Informatics in Economics
DegreeBachelor in Applied Informatics
Language of the programEnglish
Mode of studyfull-time
Duration4 years, 8 semesters
Availability of free educationyes
Program curator(FIO)
ContactsZamir Shomakhov, e-mail:

+7(8662) 72-23-60, +7(8662)72-23-19


The main goal of the program is to prepare students for the economy of XXI century, to fully explain all tools for the effective use of information, and thoroughly illustrate the essence of data-oriented approach in modern business and social life.

To address the priority of information in nowadays life, the program introduces wide-ranging approach to education process — from fundamental science courses and system analysis to program coding, database management, principles of operations and process management and data-driven decision making. All of our staff — are seasoned professionals with outstanding scientific, corporate and business experience, including international projects in Russia and abroad.

Students will learn the basic rules of internet economy, i.e. web design, social networks, internet security tools, etc. They will study the modern use of big data, machine learning and principles of artificial intelligence.

The program also introduces Project-based approach, which provides students the experience of solving real organizational and business problems, and managing information flows of our partners.

The “Applied Informatics in Economics” program Bachelor graduates will meet modern economy realities fully prepared, both theoretically and practically, armed with the arsenal of the most efficient tools for data management of XXI century.