Research programmes

Creation date: 15.05.2018

Research: Nonclassical boundary value problems for differential equations and their applications to environmental protection;

Development of methods for improving the technical and economic performance of equipment and technologies of machine-building industries.

Research of dynamics and reliability of machines and equipment; x-ray Diffraction crystallography;

Physics of interphase phenomena.

Thermal physics; New, metal, polymer, structural and composite materials, structural ceramics;

Biodiversity of the Central Caucasus: composition, structure, dynamics, ecology, protection, rational use;

Scientific bases of management of interaction of the person and environment;

Mathematical and information and logical models and their computer assistance;

Methods of increasing diamond tools durability ;

Physics and chemistry of materials and processes of solid-state electronics;

History and culture of the peoples of the North Caucasus;

The problems of history and the theory of literature;

National languages and features of development of literary languages;

The problems of nurturing of a person in modern educational environment (KBR, the North Caucasus region);

Scientific and methodical bases of teaching; in secondary school and institutions of high school.

Medical and biological research;

Adaptive physiology and medicine;

Theory, history and technology of social work;

Physics of the atmosphere and near-earth space;

Development of new nature conservation technologies.